Gender Pay Gap

Melitta UK Ltd. Gender pay gap announcement

Melitta UK Ltd. welcomes the opportunity to report our gender pay gap under The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This Gender Pay Gap Report is based on data as at the 5th April 2018, at this point Melitta UK Ltd. employed a total of 285 staff with 200 (70%) being male and 85 (30%) being female.

Our overall mean gender pay gap is 12.87%

We are proud of the fact that our gender pay gap is lower than the National Average of 18%. We are committed to ensuring that there is no difference in pay rates for those who are carrying out the same function. Throughout the Production and Warehouse Departments, all operators are paid using pay grading system that rewards those employees who carry out functions which require a higher skill set, irrespective of gender. However, 78% of our employees working the night shift, who receive a higher shift allowance, are predominantly male.

Mean Gender Pay Gap = 12.87%
Median Gender Pay Gap = 5.25%
Upper Quartile – Males = 83%
Upper Quartile – Females = 17%
Upper Middle – Males = 74%
Upper Middle – Females = 26%
Lower Middle – Males = 64%
Lower Middle – Females = 36%
Lower Quartile – Male = 66%
Lower Quartile – Female = 34%
Proportion of Males to receive bonus = 31.75%
Proportion of Females to receive bonus = 37.04%
Mean Gender Pay Gap in bonus pay = 47.13%
Median Gender Pay Gap in bonus pay = 0%